Santiago Domínguez, professional of Spanish translation for 25 years.
English and French to Spanish

Why work with Santiago Domínguez?

As a professional, you give great importance to your communication, investing time and resources in order to have an appropriate communication. This communication is a reflect of your company's value and it conveys your image.

For this reason, translation plays an essential role, since it must represent this quality standard in a foreign language.

In order to achieve this stage, it is important for you to put your translations in the hands of a professional who, besides mastering the subject, is a true collaborator.

Entrusting your translations to Santiago Domínguez Martín, is having the certainty that your translations are being carried out by an expert in technical and advertising translation, at a regressive rate depending on the volume translated and the delivery deadlines.

Do not hesitate to check out our references...  they are a proof of our quality.

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Mother tongue: Spanish, so as to show your clients how important they are to you.


Santiago Dominguez

A native and experienced professional specialized in Spanish translation and interpreting for 25 years, Santiago Domínguez Martín offers you his services of document translation and his services of Spanish interpreting. 

He undertakes regularly numerous missions, in France and other European countries, for companies, institutions, administrations and local powers.

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